3rd Battalion 13th Infantry Regiment "Battalion Shirt"

$ 25.00

There is an anecdote concerning the Army's institution of uniform arm badges during the Civil War. The 13th Infantry Regiment, which was "First at Vicksburg" by breaking the Confederate line, was still at the front when this regulation was implemented. Leaving the front to resupply, a soldier of the 13th was challenged for not having a badge. "This is my badge," he replied, tapping his ammo box, "40 rounds." This, now legendary, phrase is ghost-printed throughout the background on the front of the shirt. The dash dividing "3-13" is actually the Presidential Unit Citation ribbon, the Nation's highest unit award. On the back the 3-13's motto, "40 Rounds", is displayed across the shoulders. Below this are the 13th's colors and at bottom the unit's designation bookended by the 8th Infantry Division's ID badge. All of the battles and wars that the 3-13 has seen action in are ghost-printed throughout the background. 40 Rounds!

The Battalion Shirt is 100% combed cotton and will shrink when machine dried.  

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