Platoon Shirt FAQS

*DISCLAIMER:  Please make sure you are picking the correct battalion/graduation date/company/platoon nickname.  Platoon orders are NON-REFUNDABLE since they are custom made each week.  Ordering incorrectly will result in additional fees (50% of your original payment and if required, shipping fees) if you wish to have your order corrected.  


Q:  I do not see my soldier's platoon artwork for an upcoming graduation.  How do I order?  

A:  Platoon artwork is available for pre-ordering online about 1-2 weeks out from the graduation date.  With the art changes, name checking, and approval by the Company Commanders, it takes time before we are allowed to post the artwork.  Please double check to make sure you are selecting the correct Battalion, Company, and Platoon as you check out.  Multiple companies may be posted at a time, and the graduation dates are listed in the titles for reference.  *Online Pre-ordering ends the Sunday at 5pm EST, before graduation week, at which point, pre-order links will come down.  
Q:  I do not see my soldier's platoon artwork from a graduation that has already passed.  How do I order?
A:  Links are taken down the Sunday before graduation dates for pre-ordering.  We keep artwork for years down the road though.  To place an order, head to our Platoon Gear Section and click on "Platoon Art Archive".  *Please note platoon art archive orders may take up to 3 weeks to ship out.   If the graduation took place AFTER early 2016, follow the instructions in WHITE to order archives.  
Q: How will I receive the platoon shirts I ordered through this website, when selecting CUSTOMER PICK UP?
A: Selecting "Customer Pick Up only" when choosing your preferred shipping method will ensure that your order is ready for pick up on Family Day or Graduation at Hilton Field on Fort Jackson. This is where both ceremonies take place.  PICK UP IS THE QUICKEST WAY TO GET YOUR ORDER.   *Non platoon item orders will generally ship within 5-7 business days, pending in stock.  Non stock orders and platoon archive orders can take up to 3 weeks before they ship out.  
Q: When can I pick up my platoon shirt order?
A: Platoon shirt orders for upcoming graduations will be available for pickup on Family Day and Graduation at Hilton Field on Fort Jackson where the ceremonies are held.  We are set up at least 1 hour prior the ceremony.
Q: Where do I pick up my platoon shirt order?
A: We have a tent located at Hilton Field on Fort Jackson where the Family Day and Graduation ceremonies are held. Just provide your full name to a sales representative and we will retrieve your order.  Once the crowd clears out at  Hilton Field, leftover orders not picked up will be moved to our T Shirt Shop at the Main PX (to the left of the GNC) where they will remain.  We will send email reminders to those who forgot! 
NOTE: In the event of a rainout, Family Day and Graduation ceremonies are held at the Solomon Center instead of Hilton field. In this case, you must pick up your order at the T-Shirt Shop (803-782-9739) at the Main PX.


Q:  I forgot to pick up my order while I as at Fort Jackson.  Can I get it shipped?  

A:  Of course!  There is a flat $8 shipping fee, that can be paid on our website.  Head to the platoon gear section, and scroll down to Shipping Fee.  When you checkout, please pick CUSTOMER PICK UP, or you'll be charged again for shipping (which can be easily corrected on our end if this happens!).  Please call our store at (803) 782-9739 with questions.  

Q: Can I purchase platoon shirts after the deadline?  
A: Yes. In addition to taking orders at Hilton Field on Family Day and Graduation, our T Shirt Shop at the Main PX will be taking orders all week long (past and present). Please give our T Shirt Shop a call (803-782-9739) to place an order, or feel free to place it under the Platoon Archive section in Platoon Gear.  See Q&A above regarding ordering from graduations that have already passed.  More than likely, you'll need to follow instructions in white in the art archive section.
Q: How much do platoon shirts cost?
A: Platoon shirts for upcoming graduations: sizes Small – XL are $20.00 each and 3XL are $23.00 each. After the initial deadline and for any other previous graduations, each shirt is an additional $5.
Q: Can I cancel or return my platoon shirt order if I change my mind?
A: No. All sales are final. We will not accept cancellations or returns on any platoon shirt orders. Please understand that platoon shirts are custom made and cannot be resold after the graduation date. All other items returned will be honored for a refund.
Q: Has my soldier already ordered a platoon shirt?
A: Every company is briefed on their platoon shirts during the basic training cycle and each soldier is given the opportunity to order. However, ordering is strictly voluntary. To find out whether or not your soldier placed an order you must contact us.
Q: Can I pre-pay for my soldier’s order?
A: No. There are many circumstances that can cause a soldier to be unable to attend their company's t-shirt delivery. To avoid confusion and maintain certainty that each soldier has received what they ordered, soldiers in BCT must pay for their own shirts in cycle.
Q: What colors are the platoon shirts available in?
A: All platoon apparel ordered through this website will be black, preshrunk, men’s sized cotton shirts. There are no other color options available online when pre-ordering.
Q: What sizes are the platoon shirts available in?
A: Platoon shirts are available in unisex sizes small - 3xl.  The brands we generally use include Gildan, Hanes, and Fruit of the Loom.
Q: Will the platoon shirts shrink if I machine dry them?
A: No. Platoon shirts are made on preshrunk cotton and they will not shrink if you machine dry.
Q:  How do I find the "Customer Pick Up Only" option? 
A:  After filling out your billing address, just click the box at the bottom that states billing and shipping are the same.  The next page will lead you to shipping options, and "Customer Pick Up Only" will be your first choice.  
Q:  How do I remove items from my cart?  
A:  Simply change the quantity to "0" on anything you do not wish to order, and hit the "UPDATE" button towards the bottom of the page next to "Checkout".  



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